Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Easy Ways To Save Money

Living in a recession is not easy. You are never too sure of where to spend money, invest money, or save money. Well, saving money everywhere would be nice but it is never as simple as it sounds. A Texas bankruptcy attorney might be able to help you, but not without a fee. So where do those who cannot afford debt relief do? Well, if there was one right answer for that, there would be no more recession. However, there are lots of little ways you can change the way you live to lighten your financial burned.

The first and biggest money waster people do not realize is food. Whether it is eating out, buying soft-drinks, or buying too many groceries, there are a lot of families who waste thousands of dollars each year on food. When you go to make a grocery list, really examine your cabinets first. Make sure not to purchase something you already have and not to get food that you do not need. If you have three unopened bags of pretzels, do not go purchase goldfish just because they look more appealing. Finish the snacks you have first! If you are an avid diet coke drinker, do not get 20 ounce drinks from the gas station every day. Instead, purchase large packs of cans. This is not a huge switch, but will add up to lots of extra money in your bank account.

Electric bills are another place where people tend to throw money down the drain. Leaving lights on, using too many lights, or leaving electronics on is so common and costs you tons of money. Use energy-efficient light bulbs in major rooms of your home like the kitchen, where lights are most frequently on. If you do not like going to be or leaving the house completely dark, purchase a nightlight or small lamp. They will take up considerably less energy than a regular light from a light switch. When you are not using your home computer, or charging your cell phone, make sure to unplug them. Even when not in direct use, they pull energy from your home. In addition, try to make your home energy-efficient in other ways. Make sure your windows are in good condition and are not letting excess heat out.

Lastly, one of the best ways to save money is to save money on the weekends. Going to the movies, or bowling, or out to eat is fun, but is also expensive. Save those types of outings for every once in a while, and try to make a habit out of less-expensive activities. Board game nights, movie marathons, or video-game nights can be surprisingly more fun that going out somewhere. They are great ways of getting people together, and cost virtually nothing. You may even find yourself getting a bit adventurous once you stop going out as much. Perhaps you will create a scavenger hunt for you and your friends to go on. Believe it or not, adult scavenger hunts can be done and are usually a blast.

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