Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Money Saving Strategies - 6 Steps To Saving More Money Right Now

Saving money can be an ongoing challenge, and most of us will be battling with this for a long time. With these 6 simple, yet effective money saving strategies, you can be on the winning end and start seeing results in no time.

1) Take advantage of direct deposit. If your employer offers it, you should use it. Your money is deposited into your bank account automatically and immediately, and this way you are not tempted to spend the money when you cash your check.

2) Pay yourself first. One of the oldest money saving strategies known to man, it's a way to start a consistent savings plan. A rule of thumb is to put aside at least 10% of what you earn, but you should always start with what you can afford. The key is to be consistent.

3) Pay off your credit cards. Use the 1 or 2 credit cards that you have with the best rate, and never pay them late. You avoid additional fees, and the faster you pay them, the less interest you end up paying as well.

4) Use the credit cards with "Cash Back" points. In addition to avoiding fees and interest charges, use the cards that offer cash back on your purchases. You get a certain percentage for shopping at certain stores, getting gas, or just on any purchase. This is just like free money just for shopping or buying something.

5) Be a savvy shopper. With the internet, you are able to shop around for the best offer, compare prices, and find great deals. Just by practicing some due diligence, you can be amazed at the savings you can earn.

6) Use "Cash Back" web sites. Just like with the credit cards, there are websites that give cash back when you shop. When you combine this with the prior 2 money saving strategies, you are increasing the discount price (shopping around for the best deal), saving more money (earning cash back from the credit card company), and keeping MORE cash in your pocket.

When you start using these strategies for saving money, you will find yourself looking at your income and your savings in a new light. These 6 simple steps are easy to implement and can help you become not only a smart consumer, but also a smart saver.

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